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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungMar 5, 2013
I’ve taken a little time to consider what you’ve asked, Sireesha. After mulling over this thought, and considering some of the charts I’ve mentioned, I noticed there is not a conclusive pattern in terms of communication. I ran a quick glance over the Balsamic charts I have in my files and those identified by other astrologers, and it’s not about communication since all communication is not equal. You’ll find people who have a dominance of above the horizon planets, even with the Sun and the Moon in Balsamic position, and they will communicate–even if “just” telepathically. Now that’s not to say everyone. I discovered there a preponderance of royalty in my files who appear to have a First Quarter Moon or one that’s in trine to the Sun. I didn’t see a single one where royalty had a Balsamic placement.

That quick look through my own files brought me to understand that all communication is indeed not equal, that it’s not necessarily verbal. The question is the message and how, if at all, it will be conveyed. The Balsamic Moon tends to unifying the lessons learned in previous lifetimes so they can be remembered, utilized and offered in this lifetime for the positive benefit of all. I read somewhere today that the process we’re talking about is looking toward the future through lessons learned from the past. It’s kind of symbiotic relationship between all of the lifetimes you might have experienced, whether or not you consciously remember them all.

Sometimes I think that it’s not even a matter of people finding it difficult to adjust to us as much as it is our difficulty in adjusting to the world beyond, like I said, that square peg trying to fit into a round-holed world. I can be brutal with myself, beating myself up, so to speak, convinced that I have done something to create a situation where I feel exiled, lost in some kind of wilderness. No matter how much we know, no matter how much we’re learning, there are still gaps in the process, and we’re trying just as hard to understand from our perspective as others are trying to understand from their own. I’m trying to be specific, more detailed, but I don’t know if I succeeded here.

Does that make sense?