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Michelle Young

Michelle Young – Mar 10, 2013
Beautifully said, Sireesha. You know, after I received the awards for the book I mentioned above, the words “s/he talks the talk, but does s/he walk the walk?” were frequently sprinkled into conversations. Especially when someone with my fair skin showed up, that was likely to be the case that the question would be asked–as if there were dividing lines between people of color talking and walking the talk and walk and people who supposedly had no color and therefore, in their minds, couldn’t possibly talk or walk the walk and talk. Bias and prejudice comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, etc.

I can remember being accused of not being any one of my multiple of heritages/cultures/ethnicities in my childhood and teens because I was too different. This seems almost inappropriate in the thread, and yet it’s not. This community has seen countless barbs directed against one culture, race, religion, nationality, etc, so we’ve gone through the same thing even here. Haven’t we all as members of various human groups had to fight for rights at one time or another? Unfortunately, gender often ends up the final weapon, and that’s the distinction, isn’t it?

I don’t think you went away from the topic at all, Sireesha, especially now. I just noticed something that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar had stated in a post he made, about unity in diversity, the very theme my first book was about, the same theme we consider with a few religions, but only one that I know of talks about the whole world being a family. We cannot be a family if we don’t have basic human rights respected.