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Michelle Young

Michelle Young – Mar 9, 2013
The very first thing that struck me was that combust Venus in Pisces in the 8th house. Venus in this position becomes debilitated since the rays of the Sun are blocking Venus from “shining.” It makes sense. During this time period, women really had no rights. They were taught to focus on peace, balance, harmony, and making things right, like diplomats are often considered trying to do in war zones. Women from this period might have been known for their inordinate femininity, although I’m not sure I’d really want to go that far. The period I’m talking about would be inclusive of the US Civil War when women not only were nurses to the soldiers but were known to transform their bodies to look like young boys and fight alongside the soldiers. Apparently not too many were caught since they maintained their discretion at all times. This seems to be reminiscent of what I remember of the Barbra Streisand movie, Yentl, in which she transformed herself into a young man in order to attend Jewish studies and to learn from the Talmud.

Moving on, take note of the Uranus-MC-Pluto conjunction in Aries. Talk about the heavy hand of the male dominance at that time, or so it seems. I suppose this chart could be something like a horary chart but I’m not at all knowledgeable about horary, so that’s just a guess. But from that Uranus-Pluto conjunct to the MC and the Sun ruling the chart from the 8th house, for me, this represents a time period when there was a lot of subservience going on, and the male was the dominant force. It’s no wonder why it took women so long to have the right to own property and to be able to vote! By the time the chart would have been in daily life, women would have had the right to own property, but it was a newly acquired right. The right to own property was granted in New York State in 1848.

The need for this kind of subservience was further revealed in this chart with Jupiter opposition to both the Sun and Venus. For a woman, if she loved her man, this was how she was trained to behave. And her man expected it. Even the Moon in this chart, placed in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, gives me that impression in this case. Note where Saturn is placed for that matter. The 9th house, where the courts make decisions and rules, and laws are created.

From my book, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow: Meeting the Challenge of Our Multicultural America & Beyond (©1996 Caddo Gap Press), take note of what I wrote as follows on pages 145-146:

“…Perhaps some slaveowners saw what women had begun to achieve as a threat to the very fiber of the nation, although the national fight for suffrage would take another seventy-two years. 

“Imagine the thoughts of a slaveowner who, until now, retained absolutely total control of his life and his possessions–from his wife and female children to his slaves! For years, he had been a godhead on his plantation. He may have seen himself as a generous and loving husband and father to his adoring family. To his slaves, he was lord and master who would meagerly dole out some minute favor–or lessened abuse–for work well done, often punishing with abandon for the most obscure slights. Perhaps he had encouraged the creation of public schools for poor families and had even been able to tolerate what some men called progress–more humane treatment of jail prisoners and patients in insane asylums and the admission of women to some universities. The abolitionist movement may simply have been more than he could bear. Even in his own family, he no longer knew whom he could trust.” 

This wasn’t the time for war, and that’s pretty well noted in the lack of hard aspects either from Mars, Saturn, Uranus or Pluto. Normally, there’s a hard aspect among at least 2 or 3 of those. In fact, Pluto is sextiling Mars and Uranus is sextiling both Mars and Mercury, not to mention that Uranus is also ruling the sign in which Mercury is placed in this chart.

Okay, there’s the fodder for at least some of this thread… Over the next several days, I’ll return to this as I can. But please, if you have thoughts to add, something you think I might have missed from the period, let me know.