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Michelle Young

Sireesha-Orkut.jpg Sireesha InturiFeb 16, 2013
looking forward to it. 

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungFeb 17, 2013
I could have sworn I posted in here earlier. My apologies for the delays. Rest assured, the analysis will be up after I complete it this morning. I’ll sleep a few hours and finish it. For now, my pillow is calling my name before I fall asleep yet again at the computer.

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungFeb 17, 2013
I began this two days ago and then I discovered, through no fault of my own, I had to make some corrections. Minor, but corrections all the same. 

Meteors crashing to earth are nothing new that I know of. I’ve heard of this happening several times, and I’m sure there are more times than I’ve heard. But when 1200 (reference to the headlines in the New York Times) are injured, of course that’s news! 

With the original chart showing here, cardinal signs on the angles and Uranus almost in a partile conjunction to the Ascendant, there was just no way this event wasn’t going to going to make an impact that would take everyone by surprise. In fact, at the initial preparation of this analysis, I didn’t yet have the seconds of time, and the partile conjunction was showing at not less than 1°, but close: 1°12′. 

Since the USGS time has shown up, the correction gives the conjunction the precision that was needed: 53 minutes, well within partile. And its presence was known not only in Russia, but throughout the world because of the news alone. 

I realize that 26 seconds of time seems almost pointless, but that difference convinces me even more that such precise timings, when they’re available to us, are indeed critical to our understandings perhaps of those finer points. Uranus is the key to the whole puzzle as far as I’m concerned. This isn’t an earthquake, it’s coming from outer space, and certainly it was totally unexpected in true Uranian fashion!
Russia - Meteor explodes
Michelle Young – Feb 17, 2013
Now perhaps that doesn’t seem striking enough. But Uranus and the Ascendant are placed in a square to Pluto which may or may not be considered conjunct the Midheaven. Normally, one wouldn’t give such latitude to Pluto or Uranus; but in this case, we’re talking about the angles during an actual event chart. I think that’s relevant since these angles in any chart have a broader reach than the cusps of any other houses. It’s that they are the 1st, the 4th, the 7th, or the 10th, and these are significant components of any chart. Even if Pluto weren’t directly conjunct the MC, certainly the placement of Uranus would pull the rest of the weight, allow Pluto a bit more power and latitude. 

But just look at that huge number of planets–5 including the Sun and Neptune!–in the 12th house! Studies were already being conducted before the news headlines were online or in print. And when you consider Aries on the Ascendant, you also need to considered the massive speed with which that meteor had plunged and crashed through the buildings and everywhere it traveled before finishing its fiery journey. Imagine, 54000 kph (33000 mph) with the sound of the explosion being heard at 10000 meters, and shattering about 100000 meters of glass and damaging about 3000 buildings! Is it any wonder then that nine planets and luminaries are positioned in the Eastern hemisphere of this chart with Saturn as a singleton in the West, squaring Venus, trining Mercury and Mars? 

This particular meteor was going to let everyone know that it had arrived. It didn’t simply sneak it. It took command (Pluto-MC conjunction, took everyone by surprise (Uranus-ASC conjunction) and made people aware that it was going to give them a show to remember (the overall placements here).  It did all of that, didn’t it? I’ve forgotten the distance the sights and sounds had traveled, but the speed was simply beyond comprehension for me. 

And with all this energy in the chart, even the heartbeat shows as the Saturn-Pluto mutual reception and Neptune. I have no doubt that there will be some at least tentative answers about whether or not we’ll see another event like this. It makes me wonder if that Morgan Freeman movie “Deep Impact” was closer to reality than we might have expected. While Wikipedia has a more in depth write up, I’d rather give it to IMDB for their promotion and your ease in finding it.

Okay, so I’ll give you the Wikipedia site too:

It seems so far-fetched and yet it is indeed so heavily steeped in what has now become a possibility for reality. 

Loads of “what if” to consider, isn’t it? What about you? Does that scare you? Fascinate you? What if this had happened or will happen where you are?