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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungDec 14, 2012

Michelle - Orkut shotMichelle Young:
I’m sitting here reeling with the news that first came across the local television station news being aired 30 minutes ago that one child was reported dead in another mass school shooting. This time, it’s an elementary school student between the ages of 5 and 10. Only it’s worse. While the news continued to be aired, updates came in and it’s now believed several children have died and a large number of shots were fired. The gunman, believed to be the father of one of the students at the school, killed himself after killing or wounding “a couple of dozen people.”

Note the anaretic degree on the Sun-ruled Leo Ascendant with (news report update coming in now…)…

“It is turning out to be worse than anyone could have imagined.” 

“A very grim picture here.”

More after the news report.

Sorry. I just realized I had done a PM chart. Updated chart coming. It shows the 29th anaretic degree of Capricorn rising, with Moon-Pluto conjunct and Mars also is there, all in the 12th.