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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungDec 12, 2012
And what’s intercepted in Kiam’s first house? Why, Uranus, of course! 🙂

Other points of interest: A Venus-Neptune conjunction in the 11th house (Uranus’ natural home) in Aquarius, Uranus in Aquarius in his 12th house (Neptune’s natural home, and Neptune rules his rising sign)…

I love that partile conjunction (42′) between his Mercury and Pluto in the 9th house. He’ll probably be quite a researcher. The other thing that hit me… When I was hypnotized for regression to unearth many of my past lives, the parapsychologist who did so had a unique trait: he could read minds. He also had a Mercury-Pluto conjunction and similarly unique aspects in his chart. I wish I could follow this child’s chart to see what roads he takes. Should be a fascinating journey!