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Michelle Young

Michelle Young – Mar 28, 2009
Janhvi and all
When does all this end?? Does it help if the Jupiter-Saturn action stops??

Everything seems to be going haywire! But things are slightly better now than they were before, thankfully! 

Forgive me while I chuckle a bit. When I was reading your post, Janhvi, I was reminded of when I had experienced Jupiter in square to my natal Saturn (or some variation of that) and how I too had felt this inordinate urge to scream and pound my fists and stamp my feet. The words given to me at that time gave me just the right amount of rope I needed to tie the knot and hang on just as long as I needed to. 

When we go through that Jupiter-Saturn square either by transit (this is called a mundane transit because it’s just kind of “out there” to potentially hit everyone) or by transit against our own natal charts, the thoughts of screaming or of beating up a pillow waft sweetly to the surface in our frustrated efforts to get past the experience. It shows that we are not always in control of our lives, that others often have something to say about it.  

But you’ll be happy to know that by the time you reach this point……………you’re nearly through it. The reason you’re feeling it as you have is most likely because there’s something being triggered in your own chart. I know. It bites. But it will be over soon. I know it surely must sound like a feeble pat on the back, the exasperated kind Mom gives you when she’s trying to stop your whining when you’re a child, and I honestly don’t mean it that way. The aspect is waning since Saturn is retrograde and Jupiter isn’t, so give it a few more weeks at the most, and you’ll probably suddenly realize you’re not feeling like that anymore. 

(Pssst! Irene! Get some Coldstone! You’ll probably feel better!)

Amit Nama – Mar 28, 2009
Hi Michelle…
I hope it gets over before it is too late…

Kanchan D – Mar 28, 2009
Weeks??? Agonizing few weeks!! Its gonna be a longgg few weeks. I dont mind giving up ice cream for the next few weeks just to get this period over and done with!