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Michelle Young

Michelle - Orkut shot Michelle YoungMay 31, 2013
I want that frame left on its own for the power in that message. 

I brought up Nirbhaya and people’s reactions earlier for a reason: Some people felt guilty and ashamed at what had happened and couldn’t read all of my posts. Some couldn’t read because they were terrified and wanted to close their eyes in hope that the danger would somehow vanish. But such reactions not only endanger each person in that respective nation, they endanger every single one of us by enabling us to bury our heads in the sand till the danger hopefully leaves before we come up for air. They endanger every single one of us by making us feel guilty for not wanting to deal with the situation. They make us feel guilty by allowing ourselves to convince us that it’s not okay to get angry.

I posted what I’m about to say earlier, and I’ll post it again here because we can and should turn this around now: Violence isn’t just about guns and bombs. It’s not about black eyes and bruises from falling down the stairs or walking into doors. It’s about being shamed into doing things that are against our fiber; it’s about being slapped by a teacher or called names by a peer; it’s about being told we’re not good enough and starting to believe it. It’s about a father throwing his son into a door and thinking it’s okay to watch the son wince in pain as something hits him in the back. It’s about a father thinking it’s funny when he makes a baby cry. It’s about a child having scalding water thrown on him or her. About a girl or boy being molested by a classmate or a teacher at school. We have each had something happen to us because we aren’t impervious to these things. 

Listen to what Jackson Katz says about the way we form the sentences, and how the perpetrator eventually gets squeezed out and it’s all about the victim. You know what? Regardless of gender, I’m TIRED of being a VICTIM! 

Please, repeat this after me: I AM A SURVIVOR! 

Will you join me? How about you? My hand is open for yours. 

I hope the men here will join us as well in speaking out against crimes against women, children, and yes, even boys.The violence began against every single one of us. Now let’s do something about it in a positive way! Let’s commit to speaking out and not stopping till we make the difference where it counts! Please don’t let my voice go unheard again!

Please join me.