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Michelle Young

Sireesha, I just noticed your post! Forgive me for the delay!! I’m so happy you’re here. As I understand it, you need to subscribe to the thread, but it may be that the geniuses behind the scenes have another way so everyone knows when new posts are here.

Meanwhile, guess it’s time to make sure I know too, huh? :yes: Let’s see what we can do about that now…

Meanwhile, we have another newcomer to the site–another member of the Scorpio community but under a different name. It’s up to Buma to tell you who this is. New name–but another member of the original community! :heart: :rose:

Ahhh I just saw, you can subscribe up on the top as well as favoriting the thread! That should help. (Expecto, rest assured, they’re still working on bringing back the like button for you!)