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Derek Warren, Canada

Passing along anything that matches the the magnitude of Michelle’s expertise and experience is not easy unless, of course your writing is as sharp and visceral as Michelle’s. Unlike other expert authors, her explanation of the inner workings of astrology are sometimes affectionate and eminently readable.

CA, New Jersey, USA

I became a client of Michelle’s and was delighted with her attentiveness and service. Best of all were the juicy interpretations I had been waiting to hear about that even the most sophisticated computer analysis service can’t provide! I considered paying a computerized site for an analysis, but I figured I would still be very

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Mitch Rustad, USA

I get my astrology chart read regularly to learn more about myself, and as a basic guide for making life plans. I’ve discovered very quickly that Michelle has a gift for turning my chart, something I initially didn’t really understand, and translating it into a profound and amazing tool for tackling life’s puzzles. She’s given

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Barbara Mazzarella, USA

As a lifelong student of astrology, I have had my share of readings by professional astrologers. Without a doubt, however, it was a reading by Michelle Young, that struck me as the most penetratingly thoughtful and astoundingly accurate I have ever had the pleasure to receive. I first contacted Michelle for a reading after having

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