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Farewell, Dick Gregory, We’ll Miss Your Voice of Truth and Irreverent Humor!

Of all the voices out there when civil rights and race issues were at the fore, Dick Gregory was too. He confronted when no one else dared. He said the words when no one else could. According to one Washington Post journalist, Gregory “broke the mold” by venturing into areas that often made folks wince,

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My Holly – A Non-Astrological Thank You to So Many of You

I vanished from posting late on Monday night, the 14th, and this should explain much about why. While I was in the midst of working on my annual Solar Returns for India and Pakistan, my beloved cat–a member of my family for the last 14 years–made her transition. It hit me very hard and in

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India – Solar Return 2015

Please read Pakistan’s Solar Return 2015 as well. Four years ago, when India’s sixth house was rising, the degree of the Solar Return (SR) Ascendant (ASC) was making a 14-minute partile conjunction to the natal Vertex, as if to say this was going to be a year in which fate actually played a key role

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