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I normally avoid doing the Solar and Lunar Returns for political candidates when I’m emotionally invested. Perhaps the shock of the decisions and rhetoric of the current occupant of the Oval Office has worn off enough that I find myself viewing this picture as one views the behavior of a spoiled child who has manipulated others to his/her own–and their–detriment. This emotional disconnection needed to happen for the same reason I learned the wisdom of not reading one’s own chart, or especially not doing so every time one blinked one’s eyes. Such epiphanies took place over the last 15 months or so, and I’m grateful to feel that disconnect from the emotion with these charts now.

The American Star, George Washington
Frederick Kimmelmeyer, 1803

Some of the following I’ve injected in conversations here and there, and I’ll ask you to forgive the repetition. It’s important and especially relevant to the entire analysis and interpretation. As I did in 2019 in observing the weekend of August 11, 2019, I had worked with the natal, Solar Return and July and August Lunar Returns of the incumbent currently in the White House and had noted what I call a “doozy” for that particular weekend. It was: That was the weekend the whistleblower decided to file his complaint (Friday)–and followed through on the 12th of August. Between, Jeffrey Epstein’s demise in a Manhattan, NY, Federal detention facility was discovered under suspicious circumstances.

I know. Sounds suspicious even when you say it that way, doesn’t it? The autopsy called it “suicide.” Many suspected it was murder. We may never know.

But as I pull this article together on November 3, 2020, the Election Day polls have just opened, and time is of the essence to complete this article–now! Astrologer Jude Cowell and I joined forces in a compare and contrast of ideas and thoughts on February 10-11 this year, and I’ll start there for continuity from that point–with large chunks of our conversations included here:

About a month ago, Jude Cowell and I sat down to compare notes on Donald Trump’s (DT) Lunar Returns from January through March. It might have begun as a point of curiosity, as many of us do from time to time; but this mutual consideration of what each of us had done in making such a decision stemmed from an extensive group conversation. We chose to separate ourselves from that conversation for our own personal email chat.

It will be important to note that the process through which Michelle worked with the Lunar Returns applied to the political issues arising at the same time as the onset of Coronavirus (COVID-19). What we developed expanded into what seemed to be a realization that these two points–politics and COVID-19–were indeed inseparable. As a result, this is the vein of our conversation.

You, the reader, will be privy to the conversation as we exchanged our notes. I will write out the abbreviations to facilitate the understandings of less experienced readers rather than leaving them in abbreviated form. Some abbreviations will remain after the first extension to the full word since many already know these. Among astrologers familiar with the terminology, we often express these observations in something reflective of staccato form reflective of the visual in the chart and an additional chart (or two). Such a practice gives us a quicker assessment of what’s happening in these charts. Among us, we already know some of the comparisons we’re using, but I will add notes to the reader inside brackets where relevant.

Please note as well no astrologer is accurate in analysis and interpretation 100% of the time. Regardless of however our egos may want us to be, we can only speak our truths–and recognize that sometimes truths compared to what we’ve seen will often come back to bite us. This article is then some soul-baring focus on where an astrologer can fall (more often than not from emotions slipping through the cracks to skew what we’re seeing), and where we rise back up. I’d like to believe these moments of “emotions slipping through the cracks” aren’t flaws, rather a reminder for the reader to remember we are all still human.

DT’s January 21, 2020 Lunar Return inside, natal 6th House rising

January 21, 2020 6th house rising in Lunar Return (LR) with LR 10th house Mars in opposition to LR 4th house natal Uranus (at the 5th house cusp) in square to LR 1st house Neptune; natal Pluto is on the Descendant. Note LR Mercury forming a 26-minute partile conjunction to the LR Ascendant (ASC) from inside the 12th house, and LR 12th house Saturn in perfected opposition to natal Saturn. [At DT’s age, the transit of Saturn in opposition to natal Saturn is normally not as dramatic as this same period in one’s life where ages 14-15 and the period around age 42-46, depending on other factors, seemed to be. Age 14-15 tends to be somewhat tumultuous. The second time period somewhere between ages 42-46 is one where the native hopes it’s a “Thank God” moment. Whether or not that’s true depends on the native. Ultimately, this is still a testing moment, but not usually as rough as it was in the earlier two periods. However, the way the native handles it will be the key to whether it’s smooth sailing or rough seas.]

The January 21 impeachment proceedings began with a fix on DT’s natal Moon in an 18-minute partile progression to the LR Midheaven (MC) at 21 Sagittarius 30. (The planetary bodies themselves are not progressed.) This was the LR for the time of the trial, and it reminds me of the wisdom of our not investing too much emotion into the reading of a chart. When we’re too invested in what we’re reading, we can lose sight of the truth in being blinded by too many impassioned wishes. [I’ve used this same emotional detachment in the analyses of the charts for this article but admit such detachment is not easy. When I’ve been unable to detach, I’ve backed away from making conclusions for the same reasons.]

February 17, 2020 began the next LR with the natal 11th house rising. We’re already seeing the signs of his emotional effort to extract revenge. We talk about the MC in so many of our natal charts that we lose sight of Scorpio sitting at the IC. I wonder which of his parents had been vindictive. One, or both? I’m suspecting it might be both. Putting the LR inside, we see the natal Neptune falling in the LR 4th with natal Jupiter Rx on the 5th house cusp. But that natal Neptune is Rx in square, of course to natal Mercury falling in the 1st–and Neptune now forms a 49-minute partile square to the LR ASC while natal Jupiter Rx in trine to natal Uranus (in the 12th house in the upcoming February LR) seems like his budget may show signs of some problems for his pockets with LR Jupiter in the 7th in a 16-minute partile square to natal Jupiter. (Isn’t this where the House may show their own claws again?) Definitely no coincidences here.

What’s especially interesting in this Return reveals itself with the natal Sun/NN conjunction falling in the 12th in opposition to his now 6th house Moon–and around February 17th or 18th, he might be attempting to wiggle his way through more lies. I doubt that will happen however. These will be likely to be related to money, whether at the national level or his own wallet, the question may be “how many more lies are you wanting us to cover up now?” Remember his natal Full Moon is an eclipsed one and conjunct the Nodes in square to transiting/LR Neptune. While LR Neptune is sextile Jupiter, even that won’t get him the “get out of jail free” (don’t take that literally) that easily: Jupiter is still coming closer and closer to form the conjunction to Pluto at the same time Saturn makes ingress to Aquarius. But remember that period in terms of remanence to now since Jupiter will be conjunct Pluto about April 5. We’re still two months away. When Jupiter and Pluto are working together, it points to a need for the courts, interactions with police and this can be at a very personal level even when “police” refers to the FBI and the possibility of another oops! I refuse to entertain that thought beyond putting it out there. My fantasies might get the best of me on that thought.

Right now, have a look at the natal Venus-Saturn midpoint as they sit on the 2nd house cusp of this February 17 Lunar Return. That midpoint is 24 Cancer 46’30. This offers a stunning segue into the March 15 LR with the 2nd house rising at 10 Libra 32 (antiscion of 19 Pisces 28, sitting within a 47-minute partile conjunction to transiting Neptune, while his natal Neptune Rx at 5 Libra 51 forms a 4°41′ conjunction to the LR ASC).

But I started this paragraph with a nod to his natal Venus-Saturn midpoint in the 2nd house. In the March 15 LR, that Venus-Saturn and its 24 Cancer 46’30 midpoint sits in the 10th house in an 11-minute (and 30 seconds if you want to get technical) opposition to LR Pluto in the 4th at 24 Capricorn 35. That opposition appears to be triggered between the 15th and the 19th of March although the 17th and 18th looks like the more likely trigger. There’s a possibility of some overconfidence in the hours or those few days between the 15th and 19th as the set-up preceding this trigger.

If the decision of the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates to zero while offering quantitative easing in the midst of those still early days of the coronavirus gave DT that sense of overconfidence, it certainly wouldn’t have lasted long. March 16, the next day, the Dow plunged nearly 3000 points.

And then there was a matter of how many had died from coronavirus by March 18 (150) in contrast to the 826 who were gone by March 25.

The 2020 SR with 11th house rising reveals patterns similar to February’s Lunar Return but the main reason lies in transiting Pluto’s slow movement. Since Pluto only moves about 2° a year, it’s understandable that the tight opposition to the midpoint of DT’s natal Venus-Saturn conjunction, just as it’s understandable that transiting Neptune also plodding along about 2° a year, would still be tightly squaring his natal Eclipsed Full Moon and forming a T-square that’s critical in his 2020 SR.

Obviously, both Neptune and Pluto are also maintaining these positions at this time in relation to his natal chart–and continuing through the November 3rd election (yes, even with the votes not fully counted until after the 3rd). Additionally, his natal Venus-Saturn conjunction I keep pointing to is nicely conjunct the SR Ascendant. While his natal Vertex forms a 42-minute partile conjunction to the SR Descendant, the midpoint of his natal Venus-Saturn falls at 24 Cancer 46.5, in an 18.5-minute partile opposition to transiting Pluto and an additional opposition to Jupiter in its conjunction to Pluto!

For me, the view of that Jupiter-Pluto conjunction reminds me of the application of authority, law and order, and it doesn’t seem that this would be something in DT’s favor. The Solar Return points to a Western, 3rd quadrant, above-the-horizon dominance in the chart. While DT loves the limelight, he’s the one in control in his natal chart in the sense of what he wants, he finds a way to get it. In this case, the opportunity isn’t there in the SR for him to make that kind of independent move.

Take note of the 9th house stellium of SR Moon-Neptune and Mars, with Neptune and Mars forming a 3-minute partile conjunction. Mars forms a 19-minute partile square to DT’s Eclipsed natal Moon and Neptune has continued to present its transiting partile square to the natal Moon by 16 minutes; but this time, SR Mars and Neptune are forming respective 8-minute and 11-minute partile squares to DT’s natal Nodes (conjunct the Eclipsed natal Full Moon) too. And while the SR Moon is separating from the square to the natal Moon by 4°18′, I’ve felt very strongly that this was a sign of his moving home. The papers preceding the announcement that he would move his private residence in NYC to Mar-A-Lago were signed on September 27, 2019 so this move wouldn’t have been reflected in the 2020 SR but in the 2019 Return. Yet the 2020 SR reveals a move, and I take that as a sign of his leaving the White House.

Neptune plays a huge role this time since he has that natal Neptune square to natal Mercury. It bears noting that the SR placement of natal Neptune forms a 2-minute conjunction to the IC of the SR–and both natal and SR Mercury fall in the 12th house.

While some say he’s lucky, I ask how many bankruptcies has he had and he’s some $421 million in debt over the next 4 years? He has much to fear here. I’m reminded of the song “Nowhere to Run“.

I’ll add the thoughts Jude wrote in our conversation back then about the 2020 LRs with some minor editing as I’ve done above, and then I’ll close the look at his chart with my views on DT’s October 20, 2020 LR before moving to Joe Biden’s Solar Return:

Having calculated all of DT’s 2020 LRs, I agree that his March 15 (the Ides!) LR with South Node 4Cap38 conjunct the difficult 3 South Solar Eclipse of Dec 26, 2019 is significant for its surfacing of late 2019 issues and its themes of “traumatic transformation through news received or short journeys undertaken” along with “sudden ending of relationships or associations possibly with a young person” (of course Queen Elizabeth II experienced this via Harry and Meghan!). I paraphrase from Brady, of course. 3 South contains deep emotions. However, March 2020 begins for Trump with transiting Pluto trine natal MC (#1 of 3), a major career boost, and ends with transiting Jupiter trine natal MC on March 31, 2020–#1 of 3.

As you know, transiting Neptune continues its square to natal Moon – and Sun – the entire year and we see his use of this transit’s confusion to hide his secrets but also the typical undermining of circumstances that Neptune favors. His integrity, honesty, and (lack of) principles have been in our faces with this transit along with his delusions and misconceptions. A wrong path is taken as he lies and deceives and his unreliability is visible for all to see (but perhaps for some, or all, of his base). Obviously, all his relationships are affected by the Neptune squares.

So I looked at a year’s worth of LRs to see if the Angles of one return echoed his natal Angles which implies his busiest month of the year and came up with the LR of July 3, 2020 ASC 26Leo37 which, as you know, places natal Mars on LR ASC. The significance of this date with Independence Day adds a certain streak of ‘national’ karma not found in his other 2020 LR charts. His June 6 LR has Mars-conjunct-Neptune, both squaring natal Moon (and Sun) = “crooks” (Ebertin, COSI). The August 26 LR is interesting since it shows LR Mars at 26Aries47 rising in DC, an echo of his natal Mars rising – with the Mars-Neptune square natal Moon-Sun/Nodal axis continuing.

I’ve made no notes yet on his LRs of September 23, October 20 (South Node conj his Moon), and November 16 (South Node conjunct natal Moon continues. More loss of popularity? Bad timing?). Then there’s his December 14 LR which occurs a few hours prior to the troublesome 4 South Solar Eclipse at 23Sag08 conjunct his Sun-Moon/Nodal axis which must be significant for this eclipse baby. There’s lots more but this email can’t turn into a book, right? 😉

Not on this list is the Summer Solstice 2020 Solar Eclipse at 00Cancer which could change and disrupt everything on a global scale and affect whatever he does and whatever I might say about his 2020 Solar, lunar, and Mercury Returns.

Back now for DT’s October 20, 2020 LR before I move to Joe Biden’s chart and completing this article for you.

October 20, 2020 LR shows the 4th house rising, bringing his natal South Node and Moon to the Ascendant as well as the LR South Node. While I see the LR North Node, of course, forming a partile 15-minute conjunction to his Sun from inside the 7th house, I don’t work with the Nodes as many do, but astrologer Donna Van Toen‘s The Astrologer’s Node Book (©1989 Donna Van Toen) does a marvelous job of offering her insights–and I’ll take them in this case:

Possible Results of Sacrificing North Node
“Excessive worry about being beaten or outdone. Inability to relate to others. Feelings of martyrdom, excessive egotism, loneliness. A tendency to interfere with other’s free will. Belittling other’s worth.”

At the horizon (houses 1/7) of the biwheel chart, we see the natal Eclipsed Full Moon in square to the now 3rd house LR Neptune Rx which offers an unmistakable partile 42-minute square to the Ascendant. But this time, Neptune Rx assists in adding to the T-square I’ve been mentioning through this analysis by its opposition to LR Venus. While Venus forms a partile 8-minute square to the Moon, Uranus comes into play from the 6th house side of the horizon and its conjunction to the Sun with a 41-minute partile square to Neptune Rx! This time, there’s no mistaking it, we have a full-blown Mutable Grand Cross here!

But before we get too excited about this view, take another look since we have a second Grand Cross, this time, a Cardinal one with the LR Cardinal stellium of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn starting it off with LR Jupiter in 34-minute square to LR Mars Rx in the 4th; LR Mars Rx in opposition to natal Jupiter–and Saturn in 1-minute partile opposition to DT’s natal Venus! While you may not see the Pluto transit in opposition to the natal Venus-Saturn midpoint, this time it might not be as critical since we’ve seen it so many times throughout the year, as I’ve pointed out in other parts of this article. But LR Pluto forms a 21-minute partile conjunction to the natal Vertex, yet another point considered something along the lines of destined, or fated. In a Cardinal Grand Cross as this is, the impact continues to be a powerful one.

The progression of this Lunar Return brings the Mutable Grand Cross into play however with that natal Eclipsed Moon in full view for all to see. He doesn’t like to lose, and isn’t inclined to take this loss sitting down.

But is it a loss? Let’s see now with Joe Biden’s chart and Solar Return:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is SR-2020-12th-house-rising-1024x778.jpg

Joe Biden’s SR 2020, 12th house rising, starts out with his natal Mars conjunct the Ascendant. As I sat here, trying to consider the meaning of this Mars-Ascendant rising without focusing on the similarity in the pattern of his political opponent. I thought, and then it hit me that the late Sean Connery reflected on his having been in deadly spots at times in his life and how he focused on getting out of danger as what seemed perhaps to be his only need for violence at times.

The thought gave me pause to consider Biden as a deeply thoughtful and devout individual whose spiritual motives appear not to be self-serving but rather, as I frequently say, “for the good of all.” He will fight if needed for survival, but not for the lust for blood so to speak.

Biden’s SR Eastern 1st quadrant below-the-horizon dominance seems so much gentler and more introspective rather than attempting to be self-protective and hiding behind a mask.

A sidestep for a moment here to enable me to walk you through a synopsis of his natal chart showing an even split between the Eastern and Western hemispheres, an emphasis on the 4th quadrant, above-the-horizon dominance; but his Sagittarius rising shows a more respectful focus on higher thought processes than some might understand.

Joe Biden is not out there for the sake of getting adoration, rather to achieve the good of–and for–all who live in the United States of America. His natal 7th house Saturn Rx points to his commitment to do what’s right. With his 12th house stellium–Mercury-Sun-Venus, we can look to his focus of a deep spiritual commitment to all for whom he’s responsible. This is important for a candidate who could achieve election to the highest office in the land.

In terms of his Solar Return with that 12th house and Mars so prominent, this would be a tremendous commitment. While the strength of the commitment is so evident, he won’t look for overnight or radical change without a great deal of thoughtful consideration of every move. Joe Biden is not one who will be impulsive or knee-jerk in his actions and reactions. Especially in this first year of office, he would be likely to exercise these kinds of behaviors:

Note his SR with the 3rd house Pluto-Jupiter-Moon-Saturn stellium, all of which are opposed to his natal Jupiter. He’s a generous person, but look for him to be cautious in his prognostications about plans, and what he knows he can and cannot do.

The stellium is also receiving a square from SR Venus in the 12th. His decisions appear to be likely to be applied with principled decision, or what Robert Ingersoll in his “Abraham Lincoln, a lecture” said, “Nothing discloses real character like the use of power. It is easy for the weak to be gentle. Most people can bear adversity. But if you wish to know what a man really is, give him power. This is the supreme test. It is the glory of Lincoln that, having almost absolute power, he never abused it, except on the side of mercy.”

While it’s not my intention to do a comparison of Joe Biden to Abe Lincoln, it seems he might be said to use Lincoln and the principles with which he led the nation as a role model in a Biden leadership of the country.

I’m equally fascinated with the 11-minute partile semisextile between the Sun and 12th house SR Venus, In their expansion outward, as many of you know I focus on as well (and I’m not ignoring SR Mercury conjunct the SR Ascendant either!), the most stunning Blooming Undecaquartisextile (165°) pattern comes to life with a 10.5-minute partile conjunction to the SR Descendant with the 1°16-minute opposition completing this complex pattern through Mercury!

Communication is the key to revealing these results through both the motivation and the outcome. It would seem regardless of what we’ve heard in the news and often hostile commentary between those who were vociferously fighting for their voices to be heard, ultimately, Joe Biden’s promise to reunite the nation remains his motivation and his fervent hope. Is it achievable? It would seem so. Not in a year, of course, but certainly to get the nation back on that united harmonious path where our hopes are more closely aligned than they’ve been over the last four years.

Consider the following thoughts I had as I analyzed the Lunar Return.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is LR-October-30-2020-7th-house-rising-1024x778.jpg

The October 30, 2020 LR with the natal 7th house rising offers one more look to the calm, reflective approach Joe Biden will bring to the Oval Office. He will be likely to welcome the challenge of healing the naton while reuniting the nation. This Lunar Return points to a 43-minute partile, intercepted Uranus Rx in opposition to the Sun in the 6th house. Some see the interceptions as a negative. I don’t. While the energy is a bit more subtle, ultimately the strength shouldn’t be mistaken as weak in any way, rather stronger in its ability to create a new cycle at the same time one has closed.

It’s possible that there will be some surprises after the count is all said and done; but LR Saturn falls at the apex of the chart while natal Saturn Rx sits inside the 1st house. It seems, however, that natal Uranus Rx conjunct the LR Ascendant. For those who pay closer attention to asteroids than I do, his natal Uranus Rx is also sitting in 24-minute partile square to 4th house TransPluto. I’ll leave that to those of you who are interested in that point.

As I wind up now, I’ll add one more thing for you to think about: While all astrologers observe, analyze and interpret the charts with their own unique bents, I’ve realized through the years that the Returns seek out the energy through the hard aspects. So if you’ve noticed I tend to take a quieter attitude toward the soft aspects, you’re right. I have. They may be important to others, but the Returns reveal the energies coming for the next month or year. These are the crux of what is important in these particular charts. I swear by them.

And speaking of swearing by them, this is where I’ll make it official–if you didn’t get what I saw here in the charts. Every indication I’ve seen from this compendium of charts points to Joe Biden as the next President of the United States.

Until next time…

Namaste, I love you,
©2020 Michelle Young

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